The Best Three Tier Garden Ideas

For many people, their garden is an outdoor haven that enables them to escape from the stresses of their day. The lucky ones have an abundance of space which lets them create the landscape design of their dreams and the not so fortunate often make do with a deck chair and a couple of potted plants. 

If you’d love a stunning garden but don’t have enough space, then a three-tier garden might benefit you. In this post, we will talk about how garden tiers work and share some fantastic ideas with you. 

What Are Tiered Gardens?

Tiered gardens usually consist of walls that form high and lower-level areas. Homes that are built on hills often suit tiered gardens because they add extra space and practicality elements. Many homeowners invest in tiered garden design because it can increase the property value and is an attractive feature for potential buyers. 

The main issue with tiered gardens is when people overlook safety aspects. Retaining walls must have adequate drainage to protect them from the elements. It’s also important to mention that you should include handrails to improve the health and safety features if you plan on using the upper tiers for seating or plants.

How to Build a Tiered Garden 

If you’re planning on building a tiered garden, there are many things to consider. It’s an exciting project, but only people with advanced DIY skills should undertake it. You’ll need a range of tools and specialist equipment for heavy lifting, so some people find it too much trouble. 

Luckily, specialist landscape companies can help you plan and build an impactive tiered garden that looks incredible and is safe for anyone to enjoy. 

The Benefits of a Tiered Garden

Tiered gardens have three distinct benefits. Let’s take a look at them. 

They’re Attractive 

While one level gardens can be beautiful, there’s something uniquely special about a tiered garden. When people see manicured levels, it’s only natural to explore the features even more. 

Visitors will enjoy spending time in your garden, and it will become a peaceful haven for you to relax in. Whether you’re planning to sell your property or want to create a space the whole family will enjoy, tiered gardens are an excellent option. 

Reduce Soil Erosion

Tiered gardens often incorporate a terrace effect, which is beneficial if you want to avoid soil erosion. You can plant flowers into the landscape, which makes it more practical and also aesthetically appealing. 

Ideal For All Garden Sizes 

Regardless of your garden size, tiers will work perfectly. Large outdoor spaces can look more appealing and cosy, while smaller areas have more potential to incorporate seating areas and barbecues. 

Ideas For Your Three Tier Garden

Now you know what a tiered garden is and how you can build one, is time for the fun part: ideas to make your garden special. Let’s look at a range of tiered garden ideas that you can use as inspiration when your landscape designers begin planning. 

Tiered Patio 

One idea we love is incorporating a patio into your three-tiered garden design. If you build a patio on the middle tier, you can surround yourself in nature. Plant smaller plants and flowers on the top level, and trees and shrubs on the bottom. It looks incredible and promotes a tranquil experience. 

Tiered patios are also practical because you can use the middle tier to water and care for your plants. If you have a large garden to work with, you can add a seating area in the middle. 

Raised Beds 

Raised beds add depth to a garden and can make your flowers stand out. For people with disabilities, they’re also more manageable to maintain. You can incorporate raised beds into each of your tiers to create an intricate garden design. 

It’s also important to mention that if you don’t have space or resources to build a three-tier garden, there are raised beds with a three-tier effect. Using these can give you an idea of how your overall garden design will look. 

Stairway Garden 

Tiered gardens look incredible, but they often lack practicality. Poor planning often results in people unable to use the garden, but a stairway can instantly fix the problem. If you incorporate stairs between each tier, it’s easier to access the different levels. 

Stairways offer you more flexibility with the design, which means you can place seating and outdoor grills on the higher levels without worrying about children and older people’s safety. 

Water Feature 

A garden that has a water feature automatically has a relaxing feel. Sitting outside on a warm spring evening, listening to the water run is a wonderful feeling, and tiered gardens can be an ideal opportunity to find some much-needed peace. 

If you plan your design correctly, you can use seating areas, water features and plants to enjoy your outdoor space. 

Vegetable Growing 

There are so many delicious and nutritious vegetables we can grow in our garden, and it saves a lot of money compared to regularly spending in the supermarket. The main issue people face is taller vegetables shadowing the smaller ones, which impacts their growth. 

If you plant vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers and peas on the top tier, you can protect your lower-tier plants. 


Decking is an ideal solution for families because it provides a seating area, cooking space and even room for children to play. You can incorporate all of these by splitting them off into each decking level. 

Ideally, you should have a cooking area that is separate from the play and seating area. Nobody wants to deal with smoke in their face, and you should also think about children and pets near the BBQ. 

The Takeaway 

Now you understand why three-tier gardens are so beneficial, it’s time to think about what you’d like to achieve with your design. Remember, it’s crucial to think about the health and safety aspects as well as aesthetic appeal. 

A little time, planning and help from a professional landscaping company can help you get the garden you dream of.

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