Top 10 Fun Additions You Can Make to Your Garden

Top 10 Fun Additions You Can Make to Your Garden

With summer fast approaching and many (hopefully) warm weekends to look forward to, it’s important that we do all we can to make our garden a fun and hospitable space to be, so here are ten ideas to help make that happen:

1. Tyre Swing

A family favourite if you have a tree or arbour in your garden to hang it from and it can be made quickly on the cheap from recycled materials.


2. Trampoline

Who doesn’t love a trampoline? As well as being negotiable to any size garden or budget they also provide great exercise to parent and child alike. Sink one into the ground to make it less obtrusive.

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3. Paddling Pool

This hallmark is a memory from most British childhoods and can be found online in a pinch and requires no construction


4. BBQ/Pizza Oven

Though it might be hard to imagine a British garden without one, a BBQ is a must for summer entertaining and if you want to be really fancy you could invest in your own stonebake pizza oven.

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5. Dipping Pond

Dipping ponds enforce a deep appreciation of nature that can be instilled from a young age.


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6. Bird and Bug Boxes

They not only attract wildlife to your garden and help increase its biodiversity, but also provide an opportunity for bonding between the children and whichever parent is more DIY-minded if you make them yourself.


7. Log Stepping Stones/Balance Beams

Besides being wonderfully sustainable (especially if you have a tree marked for cutting anyway) they also look great as well as providing lots of fun for the children too.


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8. Hammock

Homer Simpson said it best “Sir, I need to know where to get some business hammocks” and if it’s good enough for Frank Scorpio it’s good enough for us! (You can find them on third.)

Recyled Hammock

9. Jumping Jets

Sprinkler dodging was probably the original watersport among children and now these luxury jumping jets can provide the same satisfaction with an array of coloured lights and wickedly chaotic timing.


10. Playhouses

These come in many different styles and all budgets, so it’s easy to create a den for your little ones to hang out in and to call their own.

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