Top Gardening Apps and Tools for the Modern Gardener

Whether you’re a veteran green thumb or completely new to gardening, it’s always good to have a backup, as there’s continually a new plant to discover or some one-off bug to learn about. Thankfully, this is where these gardening apps come into play. Some apps featured here don’t cost a thing, while others will involve a small fee, ranging from a single upfront payment to a recurring subscription charge.

If you’re anything like us, you’re most likely spending more time with your plants than with your loved ones these days (don’t worry, we won’t judge you!). Don’t panic, though, because we’re about to plunge into a treasure trove of gardening apps and tools sure to make your gardening escapade even more exhilarating and rewarding. So reach for your sun hat, and let’s delve into the depths of digital gardening.

Garden Design London: Marrying Time-Honoured Elegance with Modern Innovation

If you’re lucky enough to call London your garden playground, then you know that Garden Design in London is all about incorporating the exquisiteness of nature while introducing a splash of British style. But who says old-fashioned aesthetics can’t coordinate with contemporary technology? Cue the drumroll for our first app:


Curious to learn more about a strange-looking insect in your garden? Want to know what kind of bird is singing its heart out in your outdoor oasis? Get your mitts on this free app. Even though iNaturalist isn’t explicitly curated for gardening, you’ll find a treasure trove of information that’s extremely practical for anyone curious about nature. Crafted collectively by National Geographic and the California Academy of Sciences, this app enables you to take a snap and have other nature enthusiasts immediately identify birds, plants, and creatures from other nature lovers. Not only that, but iNaturalist is an excellent tool to get little ones more connected with nature.

Moon and Garden

Moon and Garden’s most prominent element is a clever calendar, which lets you know when to plant, transfer and yield in line with the moon’s phases. The days are separated into ‘lead, ‘root’, ‘fruit/seed’ or ‘flower’ with guidance on steps to take if the moon is growing or decreasing. What’s more, it provides precise weather or humidity conditions based on where you live, and you can work out your garden by utilising the app’s easy-to-use grid element. Even better, you’ll see a few handy blog posts and tips delving into biodynamic gardening, not to mention a community platform allowing you to connect with fellow lunar gardeners.

Garden Manager

This pioneering software helps you benefit even more from your edible garden. Guiding you from planting to harvest, the virtual gardening instructor leads you along a sequence of questions. Pick from three subscription tiers to navigate you through the season, complete with timely prompts for tasks. Plus, its integration with weather stations can warn you to shield delicate plants when frost is imminent.


Boost your gardening prowess with myGarden created by garden tool professionals Gardena. The app provides free stage-by-stage gardening lessons. The journal area lets you monitor your garden’s development. What’s more, you can insert chores and set prompts to ensure your plants don’t get dehydrated. The wide-ranging collection of vegetation and the convenient bee-supportive filter will transform your outdoor space into a nature magnet in minutes.

Garden Answers

Uncertain of what that tree is in your back garden? Keen to identify a flower you adore in your neighbour’s patch? Download and launch this free app, then use your smartphone to take a photo. The app’s database compares your photo to others to classify the said plant and reveal essential care instructions. Even better, you can reach out to horticulturalists and ask specific questions about pests and diseases for a minimal fee.

Embrace Sustainable Solutions: Essential Garden Tools for Contemporary Gardeners

Attention, all modern gardeners, because now’s the time to boost your gardening game with the best tools technology and innovation have to offer. Gone are the days of relying exclusively on a pair of tattered gloves or faithful shovel – embrace the age of smart gardening gadgets and green wonders that’ll make your outdoor space blossom like never before.

Soil Testing Kits

Not only is modern gardening about growing plants, but it’s also about understanding your soil’s requirements. Soil testing kits evaluate nutrient content, pH levels, and other fundamental factors. Equipped with this information, you can deliver tailored care, optimising your garden’s potential and accumulating generous crops.

Smart Irrigation Systems

Bid farewell to water wastage and speculation with smart irrigation systems. These technological marvels use sensors to gauge soil moisture, weather data, and plant needs to provide the ultimate amount of hydration. Whether you want better plants or are a tech aficionado, these systems guarantee effective water usage and flourishing plants.

Freestyle Electric Tools

The drone of gas-driven tools is being substituted with the serene sound and efficacy of cordless electric replacements. From mowers to trimmers, these tools provide ease of use, decreased carbon footprint, and reduced noise pollution, ensuring your gardening experience is modern and environmentally friendly in equal measure.

Shining a Light on Garden Lighting Design

Picture your garden when night falls – it’s a fairy tale come true. Thanks to our garden lighting design, your outdoor sanctuary turns into a canvas for delightful illumination. Every corner is immersed in warm light, highlighting plants and structures. Design wizards purposefully place fixtures, adding excitement and atmosphere.

From path lights guiding your steps to lighting-enhancing blooms, we transform your oasis into a jaw-dropping haven. Whether entertaining guests or relaxing with wine, skilfully designed lighting guarantees the magic lasts. So go on, let your garden dazzle when it gets dark.

Nurturing a Modern Garden Utopia

Whether you’re just dipping your feet into the world of plants or an experienced gardening expert, these top gardening apps and tools have your back. From garden design and plant classification to soil testing and lunar gardening, the digital age has presented us with an excess of resources to cultivate your botanical retreat.

Eager to transform your garden reveries into reality? Our team of garden designers and lighting pros at Floral & Hardy are ready to guide you on a transformational journey. Whether you’re craving a classic British garden design, a charming well-lit retreat, or a flawless fusion of technology and nature, we have the magic touch to make it happen. Talk to us today.

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