Top Tips for Gardening in March

Now that the Beast from the East has passed, it’s high time to get out in your garden. With spring just around the corner, March is perhaps the most important month when it comes to planting and preparation to guarantee that things are in full-bloom come April and May.

Whether it’s your first year with a garden or you’re keen to make improvements from years past, we’re here to help! Here are our top tips.

1.) Prepare your soil. Now that the weather is warming  up (and hopefully it’ll stay that way!) your soil will finally be workable. Resist the urge to dig the bed and instead top the soil with compost or manure and don’t walk on the soil when it’s really wet.

2.) Clear out paths. Even  though winter halted most of the activity in your garden, there will still be plenty to clean up. Think of it as a part of your spring cleaning. Tidy up by cutting down old, dead growth and removing debris and leaves.Instead of throwing the trimmings away, reuse them in your compost bin.

3.) Start grass maintenance now. Dust off your lawn mower and set the blades higher than usual for your first mow of the season. Install or re-cut lawn edging to make maintenance easier over the next several months. If you don’t already have grass, sow the seeds in March!

4.) Prepare your vegetable beds. After removing weeds and packing on plenty of compost, cover your soil in plastic to keep it dry and warm until the end of the month. Then, during the last week of March, plant potatoes, asparagus, garlic, and onion. In 3-4 months you’ll be able to enjoy your home-grown veggies.

5.) Control the pests. Slugs and snails have likely been hiding in your garden all winter. By getting rid of them now, you’ll save yourself (and your plants!) a lot of trouble. Use diluted soap or other organic methods or purchase a pesticide.

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