Which Type of Tree Would Suit your Small Garden?

Having trees and greenery growing in your garden, always makes for a beautiful, natural sight. However, the types of plants and trees you opt for will, of course, depend on the type of garden you have, how much space you have available and where the sunlight hits.

Here at Floral and Hardy, we are expert gardeners and know a lot about different plants, shrubs and trees and, most importantly, which plant life works best in different gardens.

We are often asked to create small garden design ideas for property owners in the UK looking to plant trees and various plants in their garden.

We understand that choosing what type of tree to plant, particularly in small gardens can be complicated. A tree needs to be proportionate to the garden they’re planted in, for both aesthetic reasons and for the health of the tree. Therefore, we have put together the following quiz, to help you discover which type of tree would best suit your small garden.

Simply answer the following fifteen questions and discover which tree would suit your small garden best.

There is no question

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