UK Garden Design and Garden Shed Considerations

UK garden design and garden and the garden storage factor

The small little garden shed has been part of the UK’s gardens for as long as gardens have around probably, whether it’s for the bikes or the lawn mower or the dirty garden tools you don’t ever want trawled through the house. They are all over the place, and they’re often a garden designer‘s worst nightmare, particularly when space is scarce.

Primarily, they’re actually big and bulky and have been getting bigger for the past few decades, taking up more and more of our gardens. Sometimes only a tall hedgerow or screen of some sort can really hide it. Plus they’re more often than not completely unnecessary. Rusted garden equipment and residential lawn mowers don’t really require 6ft high miniature houses and often fit in the garage anyway.

So in order to do away with this great British classic you need a little bit of cautious consideration to try and find an alternate storage solution for those garden table and chairs and years old bags of compost.

Nevertheless, just like anyplace around the house, good storage methods that are well designed and are still functional, often isn’t cheap. The shed is successful primarily because it’s a cheap yet functional solution and substitutes aren’t so effortlessly found and they frequently have to be tailored to you.

Picture it instead like a wardrobe in a loft conversion; a built-in answer under the roof’s slope looks and works far better than a rudimentary model pushed in as far as it can go, and this guarantees that the space is used efficiently, but it often comes at a price, even though the long term saving and maximising the space covers the cost eventually, and the value also increases at the same time.

So have good long think about whether you really need that garden shed, especially if you ever plan on expanding the inside of your home with an extension out the back. Maximising your space and creating storage where you wouldn’t think to look is ideal. Underneath decking is another example.

Whatever your garden design ideas, we’re sure you’ll find some inspiring garden styles here in our portfolio of most of the work we’ve done all over the UK.

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