The relation between UK garden design and the planting design course

The planting design course for a great UK garden design service

The London College of Garden Design (LCGD) has introduced a distinctive new 6-month planting design course aimed at expert designers and landscape architects that engages some of the UK’s leading plant authorities.

The programme will be led by Andrew Fisher Tomlin with the backing of leading designers and horticulturists that reads like a thorough guide to the big names in the plant world. Inspiring lectures from designers that consist of RHS Chelsea Gold medal winners James Basson, Jo Thompson, Paul Hervey-Brookes and Amanda Patton will be there.

LCGD Director Andrew Fisher Tomlin stated that “We’ve wanted to deliver a new course specifically on planting design for a number of years. This is in direct reply to requests from landscape architects and garden designers in particular who want to increase their skills into this space. We have already had an enormous reaction from across Europe with garden designers and landscape architects signing up from a fair amount of EU nations including the UK of courese.”

The programme will start in January 2016 with practical workshops, rapidly leading to stimulating lectures and visits. It discovers not only modern ideas around planting but also traditional tried and true techniques and planting for heritage locations and parks.

Fisher Tomlin added “There is a now massive attentiveness to the benefit of a careful approach to planting, suitable for the setting. Almost every large public open space project is taking a plant led tactic and this has spurred on professional attention in taking a course that has a wide range of application as well as evolving personal planting design styles and skills.”

We’re glad to see these courses popping up, and even more pleased to see the sheer amount of people interested. Although this will no doubt increase competition for us in the future, we know that will also strengthen our resolve to be one of the best UK Garden Design teams.

At Floral & Hardy we are committed to providing you with the most beautiful landscape gardens, and our process is one of the ways that we set ourselves apart. Often you will have one or two people working on the job but we bring in all the appropriate experts at every stage of the landscape design, development and construction phase.

We think our landscape garden designs are second to none. The results can be seen in our UK garden design portfolio page from our website, and the points below should give you a flavour of how hard we work to develop your perfect garden. We have the experience and the processes to deliver what you want on time and to the highest specifications.

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