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Since your garden’s survival largely depends on water, it seems tragic it should be relegated to a purely backstage role where it might never receive the appreciation it so deserves. However, a good garden design service can arrange for a more equal distribution of the limelight by installing a stunning water feature.

Water provides an essential resource to every plant and animal on this planet and so where it exists wildlife is soon to follow. Previously we’ve spoken about the necessity of water sources to attract birds to your garden and with some clever pond design you can provide a valuable watering hole for many other species too. Whether it’s a natural looking wildlife pond or a more formal design, both will attract birds, insects and amphibians, as long as you provide some shelter with planting and a safe access in and out.

The style of water feature you opt for will be largely dictated by the surrounding space – if you have a traditional Japanese garden then timber, stone and natural dynamics will be the order of the day, however, a rustic cottage garden might be better with a reclaimed millstone, or cobble stone with water bubbling through. Alternatively, a traditional Victorian garden would look good with a tiered fountain with cherubs for example, whereas an ultra-modern space might call for brushed steel or chrome water wall. A honed rainbow sandstone sphere whose tactile geometric perfection is simultaneously both relaxing and striking might suit the modernist, while the naturalist might consider a natural stone formation waterfall with a simple pump system concealed within.

The beauty of this particular garden design service is in its diversity, meaning that style, shape and budget can all be catered for. And, don’t worry, if you have children or pets, there are lots of safe alternatives available to you.

Also, don’t forget, the moving water of a fountain or waterfall not only provides a visual focal point, but will also add a layer of depth to the sound palette of your garden – similarly to wind chimes, it is a means to use natural forces to your advantage in order to mitigate unwelcome noise such as traffic or overhead aircraft, creating a much more tranquil garden space.

Whatever you choose, a good garden service can open your eyes to what’s possible in order to create a unique impression in your garden.

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