Wedding in the Garden?

garden wedding

If you’re hosting a wedding in your garden it needs to look at its best whether you are erecting a marquee for the reception or just entertaining friends and family at home.

garden wedding reception

Your lawn will need attention as it’s going to have to endure more footfall than usual not to mention the weight of extra garden seats and tables.

garden lawn

Start preparing it as soon as you can – a few months before is preferable but even a couple of weeks before is better than nothing. You must feed the grass to green it up and improve its strength and resilience. If the wedding is not far away, use a high-nitrogen spring and summer feed that can be applied in granular form if the underlying soil is damp and growing conditions are good. This will speed up the growth and the effect continues for six to eight weeks.

garden plan wedding

If your event isn’t until later in the year, you can use a slow-release feed now, then a couple of weeks before the big day give the grass a dose of liquid feed using an attachment that fits on the end of your hose, or if it’s a smaller lawn, you can use a watering can. Weeds and moss are best treated in late spring so the lawn has time to thicken up and regrow. 

Even if a marquee floor is going to cover the grass, it will still need treating as it is going to be in darkness for a while and will be compressed with the weight of tables and chairs, which will be confined to one area.

Your existing beds and borders can be enhanced with some seasonal colour, designed to be at their best in time for the big day.

Liaise with your local nursery for seasonal advice and book your plants well in advance to get them planted as close to the time as you can, planting densely for instant effect.

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