What Does Your Garden Design Say About You?

We’ve all done it (particularly the gardeners amongst us!)! Gone for a lovely walk with our other half, a friend or family member and had a nosey look into other people’s gardens.

All gardens are unique, we look at pristine gardens, wildflower gardens, Japanese gardens, wild-looking gardens and more, and wonder who the gardeners are looking after them, what their interests are and what they do for a living.

After all, our gardens are like ‘the room outside’ and therefore give an example to the outside world of our likes, dislikes, and an insight into what our houses look on the inside! It’s surprising what you can discover about a person, based on the appearance of their small city garden!

It doesn’t matter whether you have a large garden, a small backyard or a long narrow garden, it is how you style your outdoor space that gives an impression about your personality.

So, what does your garden say about you? Are you a type-A perfectionist character or you leave things to pan out naturally? Does your garden give the impression you are house proud and perhaps have a lot of time on your hands? Maybe your garden is a family garden and suggests you have a large family? Read on to discover what your backyard says about you!

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