What is Landscape Gardening?

What is Landscape Gardening?

Many people wonder about the origins ofphoto91 c landscape gardening, and they go back much further than you might think.

The English landscape garden emerged in the 18th Century presenting an idealised naturalistic scene. It usually integrated a lake and attractive architecture among a border of trees. Sculptures and historic ruins set among acres of green land created an idyllic landscape garden to enjoy. The inspiration for landscape gardens predominantly derives from paintings by artists including Claude Lorrain, a French painter. Landscaping has been practised for centuries for both visual and practical reasons. A well-designed space can inspire others whilst creating a sense of balance and tranquility.

Types of landscaping

With the purpose of imitating natural and ornamental scenery, landscape gardening incorporates into the space botanical aspects and hardscapes. There are two types of landscape gardening, hard and soft. Soft elements include trees and shrubbery whilst hard elements consist of furniture, patios, planting beds and water features. Whether it’s a combination of soft and hard aspects or a recreation of a specific garden style, the possibilities of landscaping are endless.

Landscape contractors apply techniques envisioned by architects and designers who incorporate the hard and soft elements of landscaping. With a variety of landscape-specific professionals, landscape gardening can vary from small-scale or residential projects to large organisations and manor houses. They are an ideal outlet for creativity and originality combining texture, colour, scent and structure.

Shaping your garden

Existing terrain can be transformed into a manipulation of construction to form an aesthetically pleasing and usable landscape space. More recently, people are choosing to create a sustainable space to save water and provide a habitat for wildlife. Landscape gardening can however be created in a modernised way incorporating high tech facilities, pools and luxury spaces to relax in. It all comes down to personal preference and scale of the project in order to utilise available space effectively.

Combining science and art, landscaping your garden can transform unwelcoming space into visually pleasing scenery to enjoy with family and friends. Solutions to common landscaping setbacks such as hills or wind can be solved with reliable professionals and effective design. If you are interested in improving your garden space, contact Floral & Hardy on 0844 884 2425.

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