The Difference Between a Landscape Architect and a Landscape Gardener

When it comes to garden design, it can be difficult to decide on an effective method to plan your garden, without looking towards professional services.

Therefore, many people decide to opt for a landscape architect or a landscape gardener in order to help them create their dream garden.

That said, many people aren’t always sure of the difference between a landscape architect and landscape gardener.

Here at Floral and Hardy, we have outlined the differences between a landscape architect and a landscape gardener below.

Landscape Architects

A landscape architect requires a degree in landscape architecture, as well as 3 years’ experience practicing as a landscape architect. Ultimately, a landscape architect needs a professional licence in order to practice under the name of a ‘Landscape Architect’.

Landscape Gardeners

A landscape gardener is similar, in practice, to a landscape architect. Although, in order to practice as a landscape gardener, you do not need any official qualifications. That said, many landscape gardeners will be well experienced and highly skilled in gardening, as well as garden planning and garden design.

Floral and Hardy Garden Designers

At Floral and Hardy, we are highly experienced garden designers and, therefore, offer bespoke, first-class garden designs that most definitely impress a huge number of customers. What’s more, we have a passion for gardens and garden design.

Paul is one of the founders of Floral and Hardy, and aims to deliver the perfect garden to all his clients, with his meticulous project management skills. Although he is highly organised and hard-working, he will keep you feeling calm through all stages of your garden project.

Helen, his co-founder, has over 25 years of experience providing garden designs for a range of different people, including exhibiting at RHS Hampton Court Flower Show. What’s more, her method of garden design is to create a garden that suits the bespoke needs of the people or individual she is creating the garden design for. Her love of gardening began from her father’s vegetable plot, and she’d never looked back! And, what’s more, many clients are left impressed by her garden designs.

Ultimately, Floral and Hardy design and project manage a garden that is designed and created with you, the owner, in mind. Therefore, you can ensure you get the most use and pleasure from your garden.

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