What to Consider when Looking at Patio Designs for your Garden

Garden patios are not cheap and, therefore, a considerable amount of planning and consideration should be carried out before investing in your desired patio.

At Floral and Hardy, as part of our garden and landscaping design, we look at various types of patio and have installed various different patios within the gardens we have worked on.

If you are considering installing a new patio in your garden, then take into account the following points, so that you decide on a patio design that is suited to your property and personal requirements.

  1. Think about the purpose of your patio

The key consideration when making choices about your new garden patio is, ultimately, what you are planning on using it for. For example, a patio for cosy evenings for 2 people would not need to be as large as a patio for social gatherings and evenings amongst friends. Additionally, patios that have a purely practical purpose for gardening are likely to be smaller and less expensive than patios used for wining and dining.

  1. How big would you like your patio to be?

Of course, there will be limitations as to how large your patio can be, depending on the size of your garden. However, you will want to decide the ratio of patio to soil and how many people you would like your patio to cater for. Indeed, larger families may want a larger patio. However, always bear in mind that, as a general rule, the larger the patio, the less space you have for greenery and bedding plants.

  1. Is the patio going to be the focal point of your garden?

You will want to think about whether your patio will be a focal point of your garden or more of a practical walkway.

Some people, for example, choose the have the patio shaped around a central feature, like a water feature, statue or picnic table to create a central focus to the garden, while others prefer the patio to be a more practical feature, leading from the front or back door to the lawn, for example.

  1. Where will your patio be positioned?

If you want to sit in the sunny spot of your garden, then it seems fairly obvious that you should have your patio installed in the sunniest area.

If you have recently moved to a new house, you may want to wait until you have lived there through your first summer before having a patio installed.

You may also want to consider the privacy of your patio and whether you would prefer the patio to have a subtler position in your garden.

  1. What is your budget?

Your budget will, of course, affect the style of patio you opt for and the type of material you choose. Concrete patios tend to be the least expensive patio, however, there are many patio materials you can choose from.

  1. What material would you like your patio to be made from?

In addition to concrete, you may choose from clay, sandstone, natural stone, plastic composite, brick, flagstone and more patio materials.

Each patio material has different pros and cons. Brick, for example, has an elegant and traditional appearance, yet can be more prone to cracking, whilst concrete is the cheapest patio material but cannot be easily changed.

Because there is such a huge choice of patio materials, garden landscapers like Floral and Hardy, can help you decide on the type of patio material would best suit your garden and requirements if you are struggling to decide.

  1. Is there sufficient drainage?

While soil offers natural drainage for water, when installing patio, it is important to consider where water will drain away, since patio is impermeable.

Patios that offer insufficient drainage are prone to minor flooding, water getting into vents of the house, mildew and mould.

It can also be more difficult to clean patios that have insufficient drainage.

  1. What shape would you like your patio to be?

The shape of your patio will depend on your garden. You’ll want to consider how many levels your garden has, the size of your garden and the area in which you are installing the patio.

You may want to opt for a traditional patio shape or go for a more unique shape, depending on your preferences.

More advice about what to consider when looking at patio designs for your garden

If you would like some more advice about what to consider when looking at patio designs for your garden, then feel free to contact us at Floral and Hardy. We’re happy to help!

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