Why Choose Our Fulham Garden Design Service?

How our Fulham garden design service generates shade for your outdoor space.

So Christmas is now over, welcome to 2016. Now it’s time to just sit back and unwind and enjoy the beginnings of the year.

Throughout the year you will have hopefully cleared, planted, weeded and, in particular, kept on top of your compost bin.

This way your plants will retain the moisture in and their roots will stay cool. You wouldn’t suffer much in the heat either if you have calculated some good shade for your garden and if you don’t, our Fulham garden design will certainly help you with that. This also means that you can use your garden even on scorching days. As usual, the key to success is in the preparation and groundwork.

There is decent shade and unhealthy shade.  Shade that’s decent for select plants and for your good self, and sort of shade which will kill off your lovely plants the sun-bathers. Shade creates a bigger problem for city gardens such as the ones often seen in the Fulham area than for ones throughout the rest of the UK. Nearby structures, walls and fences have a habit of to creating shady areas for at least a few hours every day.

Also, shady locations can be very dry because obstacles that cast a strong shadow also block the rain from getting to where it’s needed most. And of course big trees and adjacent beautiful flora may be great for them, but may well be problematic for your lovely new Fulham garden design.

On the other hand, a shady garden is not as much of a dreadful thing as you may believe. With plants it is conceivable to bring life to the nooks and crannies if Fulham that are devoid of sunshine. Mother Nature has given us such plant life that prosper exclusively in these conditions. Our Fulham garden designers are experts in knowing what plants are best so get in touch with us now to transform your garden into something magical.

Keep in mind though, that even shade-loving plants will still need some soaking, so pick carefully when fashioning shaded environments. The attractiveness of some shade-loving plants is that they prosper in damp microclimates and so they will give you lavish greenery. It is imperative though, to keep balance and scale in the back of your mind at all times when designing a shade garden.

It is also very important to plant a garden that will have plant life at their climaxing point when you really want to enjoy them. It cannot be stressed enough though: the secret is in the planning. If you plan your garden out well enough in advance, then by the time summer comes you’ll be able to relish your break lounging around outside with your favourite book you read every year without worrying about being burnt or having to take a breather from the heat.

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