5 plants that will give your garden the Jungle look


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Bamboo looks exotic and is easy to maintain. It grows quickly and looks beautiful in many gardens, particularly when it is fully grown. Bamboo is a fairly hardy plant and has become a versatile choice of plant for UK gardens, specifically tropical and jungle-themed gardens. While bamboo requires little effort to maintain, it is best planted in full sun, in moist and well-drained soil. It is worth opting for a non-invasive variety of bamboo, such as clumping bamboo, to prevent the plant taking over an area. Be sure to check that the bamboo you buy is non-invasive at the time of purchase. When you first plant your bamboo it is good practice to dig a hole twice as big as the bamboo root ball and then fill the hole loosely with soil. It can be helpful to provide the bamboo with a hint of shade when it is newly planted. You will need to water the bamboo weekly with about one inch of water.


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While you may think that ferns may be reserved for wild woodland and forests, they can look excellent in a domestic garden and will genuinely add to the Jungle look of your outdoor space! There are many varieties of hardy fern that can be planted in the garden. However, here at Floral and Hardy, we recommend the Southern maidenhair fern. This particular fern has a soft and elegant appearance despite being able to grow in many different types of soil, including acidic soil, and can also be grown in rockeries. They will, of course, need watering in dryer and warmer months.


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Mahonia are large, evergreen shrubs, sometimes featuring yellow flowers and black or purple berries. Mahonias should be planted in moist soil and can survive in both sun and shade.


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The Hosta is another type of evergreen plant that works well alongside ferns and mahonia in a jungle-themed garden. We recommend the “Yellow River” Hosta, here at Floral and Hardy. It is also called a “Plantain Lily”. The leaves are large and dark, and have a light green edge. The plants must be planted in well-drained soil. They will grow in sun and shade. The Yellow River Hosta is hardy and needs regular watering. It also attracts bees.


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Nestling some Fuchsias in the border of your garden can add a touch of colour into the wild and green Jungle look for even more taste of the tropics. Our favourite type of Fuchsia for a Jungle-themed garden is the “Mrs Popple” Fuchsia. Its pink and purple flowers can definitely add the wow-factor to your Jungle garden. Suited to summer months, Fuchsias are best planted in a sheltered spot with moist, well-drained soil. Partial shade is important for the Fuchsia too.


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